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Foundation & Imports

The first Grindstones litter was born in 1993 out of FI CH Terras Sinitimantti (FI CH & FI Working CH Kelgram The Minstrel x FI CH Maljan Catsa)  and by FI & LUX CH Kelgram Owen Tudor (CH Dykeside Gordon Ranger x Kelgram Noblle).

I imported and co-owned the sire and obtained the dam from Liisi Brotherus (Terras).

From this litter I gave a bitch puppy back to Liisi. G. Second Actress, despite her name, was the very first Grindstones Border Terrier to gain the International, Finnish, Luxembourg and Estonian Champion Titles. She was BOB and gained the "Winner-97" -title at The Finnish Kennel Club's annual main Winners Show (approx 7.000 entries) judged by Erica Bons De Wever from Holland. She has also gained Working Champion title, which I'm very proud of.

In 1994 I imported my own dear boy C.I.B & FI & EST & LV CH Glenbucket Scot's Sodger (Scot's Guardsman x Jean's Bairn) "Rotsi", bred by Janet and Sandy Alexander.

In 1997 I imported the bitch C.I.B & FI & EST & LV CH Winner-98 Plushcourt Pleasure "Sophie" (Plushcourt Nobleman x Plushcourt Passion) bred by Betty Judge.

In 2006 it was time to get a new bitch and Janet Alexander helped me to find "Viisu" Grindstones Hard Rock from UK.

Year 2008 I got a new comer again from UK. This time she was not a Border, but an English Toy Terrier; C.I.B FI & SK & SE & EE & LT CH WW-09 NORDW-09 V-09 BALTW-09 EEJW-09 EEW-09 INTERRA09 EEW-11 BALTV-11 Eburacum Grindstones Grace, bred by Richard Haynes. I've got arthrosis in my hands and trimming is quite painful. "Havi" has fulfilled all my wishes, she is a real terrier, took easily her place in our pack and soon I also realized I've got new Show Star! She gave me two litters and from the first one I kept home "Rellu", Grindstones Burlesque Show Gril. I placed her daughter 2012 "Mila" G. Gypsum Bond Leak out of Rellu, by Great Bernina's Ahti Nelitahti and year 2014 was her daughter "Molly" Grindstones More Daylight placed with breeding terms. She is by TMT import "Pena" Marbil's Spiceisle A Sweet Chocolate Treat.

I had home BT "granny", C.I.B & Working CH Grindstones No War (FI CH Grindstones Euro Traveller x Plushcourt Pleasure) "Luumu" (2003-2015). Placed with breeding terms is Grindstones Xth Pece of Puzzle "Isla", and her litter sister Xth In The Row "Kirre", representing the 10th generation of Grindstones Border Terriers. 

First Grindstones ETT Champion FI & SE & LV CH Grindstones Burlesque Showgirl finished her titles on her 2-year birthday.
Litter brother Grindstones Vaudeville Jester "Ransu" did the same a day after and is now C.I.B. FI & SE & RU & LV & LT CH. The siblings also received Top ETT 2012 honour prizes "Pikkumusta" -rosettes (Little Black). Their mother did the same in 2009. 


In February 2013 a new family memeber Marbil's Spiceisle A Sweet Chocolate Treat joined us. "Pena" is co-owned with Marja-Leena Pentikäinen. The first truly home bred ETT-litter was born 29.12.2013 by Pena out of Rellu. Pena was TOP ETT Show dog "PikkuMusta" in 2013.

Pena just arrived.

Pena 1,5 year, Easter 2014

Grindstones Champion Gallery

I live with my husband in Veikkola, about 40 mins drive from Helsinki City Center. I work in office at home, and our dogs are first of all, loved pets. We do not have a single cage at home. Our one hectare property is fenced all around and dogs are always free. I take them daily run in wonderful woods around us. I feed adults and puppies basically with raw food.

Our mixed flock lives in harmony. I got fowls as birthday present from my family in 2015. How awesome animals they are! Circle is closed, my grandma had fowls when I was a little girl. 

Eine Tahko





Glenbucket Scot's Sodger (1994-2008)

Sophie (1996-2011)

Grindstones Second Actress (1993-2008)

Grindstones Skattkammare 2005 (2002-2015)
The first overseas BOB at Crufts 

Luumu (2003-2015)


Our own "Reality Show" - view 
out from living room.